Luxury Swiss Rolex Daytona Reference 6263 Watches’ Details For Men

The panda dial about this Rolex Daytona provides a striking contrast using the black bezel, as the screw-lower pushers then add character towards the Oyster case. This can be a classic combo that’s unique.

Whether you are into Vintage Rolex or otherwise, you’ve without a doubt learned about the Rolex Daytona Watches, probably the most legendary chronographs ever created. One of many vintage variations, the reference 6263 has always were built with a popularity for 2 reasons: its black bezel and, much more importantly, its imposing pushers. The screw-lower mechanism enables for any greater waterproofing compared to previous pump pushers, that have been very frequently the Achilles heel from the Oyster case for that chronographs.

rolex daytona watches

This 6263 reference also does not bear the model name of “Rolex Daytona Reference 6263” on its panda dial, supplying a far more understated configuration that people love. Lastly, the lume condition always plays a large role within the collectability of those vintage rolex watches here you go well maintained having a nice patina on the handset and also the lume plots. This can be a stunning illustration of a very collectible vintage Rolex.

vintage rolex daytona watches

The thickness from the lugs and also the sharpness from the drilled lug holes indicate this Swiss Rolex Watch didn’t undergo excessive polishing. Similarly, the panda dial is within outstanding condition without any major flaws to report, and every one of the lume dots can be found. There’s some slight oxidation around the very tip from the chronograph seconds hands, however, this is just visible via a loupe. This watch bears MK2 pushers and also the correct triple-lock crown. The Oyster bracelet can also be dated from 1972 and could be original towards the watch. In addition, it’s continued to be very tight and has the correct 271 end links. The watch also has 1972 Rolex Oyster bracelet reference 7835 with correct 271 end-links.

Author: Lucy White

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